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All we want is the CONSCIOUSNESS, the WILL and the ACT to uphold girls and women’s rights at all spheres of society

From GPI’s works on girls and young women empowerment, the situation faced is traced to very limited political will at all levels of decision making to address issues affecting girls and young females, especially

  • patriarchal values and gender stereotypes,
  • harmful practices against girls and young females,
  • community apathy and neglect of girls and young females
  • and lack of a supportive environment especially at the community level.

Teamwork. Passion. Upholding Feminist Ideology. Integrity. Equal Opportunities for all

Protection of the girl child & young females

The socialisation of girls & young females weakens their protection & decision making in public & private spheres

Adolescent Sexuality, SRHR

Increased knowledge on sexuality issues reduce vulnerability and reproductive health problems among girls & young females

Gender & Human Rights Issues

Breaking barriers that impede the ability of girls & young females to be the best they can be.

Leadership & Entrepreneurial Skills Development

Gender discrimination correlates to the capacity of girls & young females to achieve intellectual and economic development.

What we do

Protection of the girl child and young females

Evidence suggests that gender and age norms play a crucial role in hindering the security of girls and young women.

It is well known that when you train a girlchild, you train a community but there is a thin line to the actualisation of this as their rights are often denied and unprotected, in addition to socialising them not to have a voice in decision making in their private lives and public spheres. This increases their vulnerability from HIV to trafficking, abuse, unwanted pregnancies, mental and psychological ill-health.

Adolescent Sexuality, Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights

Aim: Increased knowledge of sexuality issues and reduced vulnerability and reproductive health problems among girls and young females.

Nearly one-third of Nigeria’s total population is between the ages of 10 and 24. The sizeable share of the adolescents’ population makes them integral to the country’s social, political and economic development. Sadly, the country’s development is compromised by the sexual and reproductive health issues afflicting its adolescents and young people as lack of sexual health information and services make them vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unintended pregnancy and at worse death.

Gender and human rights issues

Aim: Increased consciousness among the general populace on the rights and potentials of girls and young females.
When it comes to human rights violation, the girlchild is most affected!

They suffer gender discrimination and are victims of all forms of human rights abuse at all levels – family, school, place of work, society at large, religious gathering and public places and events.

Leadership and Entrepreneurial skills Development

Limitation of choices and options for girls and young females is hampering the achievement of their economic growth and development. This is often as a result of gender discrimination which correlates with the capacity of girls and young females to achieve intellectual and economic development. Usually, this makes their life to be characterized by low self-esteem, inability to define life goals and aspirations, poverty, and inability to self-manage. For instance, several girls drop out of school as their parents are unable to afford the cost and are made to settle for menial jobs including being housemaids or being handed to traffickers to lift the family from poverty. They are most often the sacrificial lamb without a second thought.

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