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Street Child and Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI) in partnership to reduce the rate of trafficking in person in Edo state through prevention, protection and system strengthening.

This strategies will increased prevention of trafficking by addressing the drivers of trafficking in communities including stemming deceitful strategies used by traffickers; increase protection of survivors of trafficking through a survivor-centred approach that meets the critical needs of returnee survivors of trafficking and breaks the vicious cycle of revictimisation of trafficking survivors; and strengthening partnerships for combatting trafficking by creating cooperation and linkages between the efforts of key anti-trafficking actors in Edo State.

Prevention: Prevention strategies will directly contribute towards decreasing trafficking rates in Edo State amongst target groups by directly confronting the tactics used by human traffickers. This will be achieved through dissemination of accurate and targeted information that will prepare communities to identify and respond to threats of trafficking, and overcome the deceitful recruitment tactics that directly influence and entice at-risk young persons, women and girls into irregular migration, and recruitment practices that influence families and communities to encourage and coerce survivors of trafficking to migrate

Protection: Protection strategies will directly contribute towards reducing rates of trafficking in Edo State amongst target groups by identifying survivors and offering an array of support and services to help survivors of trafficking rebuild their lives and reduce the risks of re-trafficking.

Strengthening partnerships: Partnership strategies will contribute towards the reduction of rates in trafficking in Edo State as a re-enforcer of prevention and protection measures amongst a range of key anti trafficking actors. Adequate prevention requires meaningful partnerships between public, private and civil society to expand awareness and address the multifaceted factors that drive survivors into the hands of traffickers. Adequate protection requires effective partnerships between law enforcement and service providers to ensure quality long-term support that ensures effective rehabilitation and reintegration.

The project, Stop trafficking! Prevention and Protection of Young Persons, Women and Girls Vulnerable to or Survivors of Trafficking in Edo State, Nigeria, will last for 15 months and it is part of ALTP project that is implemented by Expertise France, with the financial participation of the European Union, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The Stop Trafficking project will be executed in three (3) local government areas of Edo State, namely: Ikpoba Okha, Oredo and Egor.

Some of the project activities that will be carried out in 5 communities across the 3 LGAs include awareness raising in communities, school-based activities, promoting gender equity/parental care in Communities, Income generating activities through Village Savings and Loans Association, rehabilitation & reintegration, strengthening referral pathways, etc.