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Evidence suggests that gender and age norms play a crucial role in hindering the security of girls and young women.

It is well known that when you train a girlchild, you train a community but there is a thin line to the actualisation of this as their rights are often denied and unprotected, in addition to socialising them not to have a voice in decision making in their private lives and public spheres. This increases their vulnerability from HIV to trafficking, abuse, unwanted pregnancies, mental and psychological ill health.

Over the years GPI has deepened its fringe work in child protection by elevating the issue to the front burner in its programming at all levels including the family, community, LGA, state and national.

This component of GPI programme and services focus on the following elements:

  • Prevention of physical and sexual violence against girls and young females

  • Prevention of all forms of Abuse of the girl child and young females

  • Campaign against trafficking of girls and young females targeting suppliers and parents and the girls and young females

  • Provision of trauma counseling and rehabilitation and re-integration of trafficked girls and young females

  • Campaign against harmful practices against girls and young females such as female genital mutilation, son preferences in families

  • Promoting the education of girls and young females

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-Girls & Women’s Empowerment -Policy reform Advocacy
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Upcoming Events

GPI commemorates the 2020 International Day of the Girl Child on October 11th with the theme “My Voice, Our Equal Future”.

The organisation uses this day to reemphasise the demands that girls live healthily, free from harm, and with access to equal opportunities for them to thrive and be valuable actors in the society.


As long as girls are ignorant of their sexuality, human rights and health, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life

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