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Limitation of choices and options for girls and young females is hampering the achievement of their economic growth and development. This is often as a result of gender discrimination which correlates with the capacity of girls and young females to achieve intellectual and economic development. Usually, this makes their life to be characterized by low self-esteem, inability to define life goals and aspirations, poverty, and inability to self-manage.

For instance, several girls drop out of school as their parents are unable to afford the cost and are made to settle for menial jobs including being house maids or being handed to traffickers to lift the family from poverty. They are most often the sacrificial lamb without a second thought.

With limited opportunities for girls and young females, their ability to achieve and remain competitive is eroded due to lack of skills to expand their choices and options and as such are relegated and confined to the bottom rung of the ladder. They are thus made more vulnerable to diseases and social problems.

GPI will strengthen its leadership and entrepreneurial development programme to increase opportunities for the girls and young females to intellectual and economic empowerment and growth.

Through this programme, girls and young females are given the opportunity to realize their full potentials and contribute to the development of their communities and the nation.

This would lead them to be able to discover themselves, find their voices, stand up and speak out on issues affecting them and reposition themselves to make positive change.

The GPI Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development skills will focus on the following components.

  • Leadership capacity development

  • Life/self-management skills development for girls and young females

  • Entrepreneurial skills development (Vocational and Economic Livelihood)

  • Business and financial management education and skills

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-Girls & Women’s Empowerment -Policy reform Advocacy
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In Nigeria

Upcoming Events

GPI commemorates the 2020 International Day of the Girl Child on October 11th with the theme “My Voice, Our Equal Future”.

The organisation uses this day to reemphasise the demands that girls live healthily, free from harm, and with access to equal opportunities for them to thrive and be valuable actors in the society.


As long as girls are ignorant of their sexuality, human rights and health, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life

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