We Believe in Gender Equality

GPI identified ahead of the UN that Girl Child Empowerment is a mechanism for the achievement of Gender Equality.

We believe that the achievement of the over-all goal of women’s emancipation from poverty, ignorance, disease and subjugation can only be realised if

  • the rights of girls are protected
  • girls are healthy
  • and are mobilised for development

We aim to promote these rights and mobilise children especially girls for development and participation through Research, Education and Action Oriented programmes directed towards their empowerment

Our Mission

To empower children & young females with information and skills from a gender perspective for  self-reliance and social action

We are committed to empowering girls for the realisation of a future where women are visible and valued actors in the society

we actualise this through the 4 spheres of stages of influence on the girls to foster an environment of support - this guides our programming


Empowering the girls as social change agents through increasing their self-esteem, knowledge, skills and self-efficiency


At the level of their parents, other family members and peers to strengthen positive relationships among girls and immediate social relations to provide the necessary support for their actions


Creating awareness about the dynamism of culture to facilitate positive social changes towards gender justice and broader enabling environment & opportunities for girls’ action in challenging patriarchal values


Focusing on social changes through activities and advocacy for policy changes that impact systematic practices and norms that affect girls and their communities

Upcoming Events

GPI commemorates the 2020 International Day of the Girl Child on October 11th with the theme “My Voice, Our Equal Future”.

The organisation uses this day to reemphasise the demands that girls live healthily, free from harm, and with access to equal opportunities for them to thrive and be valuable actors in the society.


As long as girls are ignorant of their sexuality, human rights and health, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life

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