Leadership and Entrepreneurial skills Development

There is a correlation between gender discrimination and the capacity of girls and young females to achieve intellectual and economic development. Due to limited opportunities for girls and young females, their ability to achieve and remain competitive is eroded due to lack of skills to expand their choices and options and as such are relegated and confined to the bottom rung of the ladder. They are thus made more vulnerable to diseases and social problems. Their life is thus characterized by low self-esteem, inability to define life goals and aspirations, poverty and inability to self-manage. For instance, a number of the girls drop out of school as their parents are unable to afford the cost and are thus made to settle for menial jobs including being house maids. Limitation of choices and options for girls and young females is hampering the achievement of their economic growth and development.   GPI will strengthen its leadership and entrepreneurial development programme to increase opportunities for the girls and young females to intellectual and economic empowerment and growth.


Through this programme, girls and young females are given the opportunity to realize their full potentials and contribute to the development of their communities and the nation. Thus they will be able to discover themselves, find their voices, stand up and speak out on issues affecting them and reposition themselves to make positive change. The various sessions will be delivered to facilitate the process of fostering the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes and individuals empowered while enhancing learning culture. The core issues are value clarification, capacity to solve problems and manage conflicts, respecting others, building and nurturing relationships, accepting and acting on feedback, developing confidence, ability to express oneself clearly, economic empowerment and self reliance and motivation to take social action. The girls and young females will be provided skills that enable them know who they are, what they believe, and how to express it, empowering them to create change in their world and creating lasting impact. The GPI leadership and entrepreneurial development skills will focus on the following components.

–      Leadership capacity development

–      Life/self management skills development for girls and young females

–      Entrepreneurial skills development (Vocational and economic Livelihood)

–      with an agricultural component includedBussiness and financial management education and skills