GPI Mission & Vision

GPI is a feminist, youth development organisation formed in 1993 by Bene Madunagu and Grace Osakue to intervene in the socialisation of girls for the realisation of a future where women are visible and valued actors in Nigerian society.

GPI commenced activities in July 1994 in Cross River and Edo States, expanded to Akwa Ibom and Delta States in 2002 and is in the process of opening a centre in the Federal Capital Abuja.



GPI recognizes the right of children especially girls to sur­vival, effective protection, development and participation. The Organisation believes that these rights can­not be achieved in the present circumstance where the Nigerian society hardly acknowl­edges their relevance. We further believe that achievement of the over-all goal of women’s’ emancipation from their present problems of poverty, ignorance, disease and subjugation can only be fully realized if the rights of girls are protected, girls are healthy and mobilized for develop­ment.



A sustainable feminist institution leading transformation of patriarchal values in Nigeria



To empower children and young females with accurate information and skills from a gender perspective for self-reliance and social action



  • Team work,
  • Passion,
  • Upholding Feminist Ideology,
  • Equal Opportunities for All,
  • Integrity



To promote the rights of children especially girls and mobilize them for development and participation through Research, Education, and Action oriented programmes directed towards their em­powerment.


  1. Increased capacity for behaviour change that is supportive of an environment where girls and young females are visible and valuable actors in the society
  2. Enhanced skills and attitude of girls, young females and other stake holders to effect social change at individual, community and societal levels
  3. Increased access of children and young females to SRH, legal, rehabilitative and other strategic support services that enable them live healthy and productive lives
  4. Improved enabling policy, legal, school, community and family environment for the protection of girls and young females for self-actualization
  5. Increased capacity of GPI as a prime resource for the promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) for adolescent girls from a gender and rights perspective in Nigeria.