The 5th Outreach graduation ceremony of Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI) Benin Center has been held in Benin City, the Edo State Capital, graduating over 200 girls from nine secondary schools in the state.

Welcoming the girls to the programme the Chairperson, Executive Board Girls Power Initiative, Nigeria Mrs. Grace Osakue task the graduating girls to be a true ambassador of GPI as the event is a call to service urging the grandaunt to be agents of change deploying the information gathered during the programme to inform and enlighten other girls in their schools and the society, the values, opportunities and the power of the girl child.

“For those graduating today, it is a call to service. This makes you a peer educator in your schools and society. You should be able to give good advice to your peer and answer question brought before you and be a true ambassador of GPI, not by words of mouth but by action and deeds.

Mrs Osakue said the world is at the feet of the girls as GPI has provided them with the platform to take the world by surprise calling on them to make a difference as grandaunt of GPI by maximizing the information at their disposal.

“Don’t be selfish with the information or skills you have received from GPI. As a graduate, you are expected to provide quality information to girls around you. I thank the contact teachers in various schools for making the programme worthwhile. Continue to educate your peers now, in the future and forever” she concluded.

The outreach co-coordinator of the programme Ayo Amen Edie said 295 of the girls are graduating in the 2017 graduation programme of GPI as some of them will be getting graduation certificate while others will get a participatory certificate for not passing the required examination but had the opportunity of trying again next session.

She calls on the girls to ensure they put to proper use what they have learnt to lunch them into the future. She said the outreach programme is just for a year after which a certificate is presented to a deserving student.

Ediae said GPI has given the girls a great opportunity to take charge of their lives as they have the best information and if properly utilize will transform their lives for the better.

GPI founded in 1993 to educate girls on the values of life and empower girls with vital information to transform their lives. GPI has centres in Delta, Calabar, Uyo and Benin City.

The high point of the event was drama and dance presentation, question and answer segment, gift presentation to outstanding graduating students and presentation of the certificate.


As long as girls are ignorant of their sexuality, human rights and health, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life

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