Gender and human rights issues

The girl child and young females suffer gender discrimination and are victims of all forms of human rights abuse at all levels – family, school, place of work, society at large, religious gathering and public places and events. This development has more or less denigrated the person and personality of the girl child and young females, has eroded their confidence and self-esteem, and has seen them exhibit victim behaviours. Their status within the society at large continues to nose dive and they have remained inferior and unable to compete with their male folk, even when they exhibit more capacity, talents and skills in similar areas.

Culture has a pervasive influence on how girls and young females are perceived and treated. Culture represents the totality of the way of life of a given society and it is therefore no surprise that all discriminations against women tend to seek justification in cultural mores, beliefs and practices. It is a common knowledge that Nigerian girls and young females are held down from realizing their full potentials, all in the name and game of culture. GPI seeks to break all barriers that impede the ability of girls and young females to be the best they can be. Such barriers include ignorance, stereotype, traditional practices, policies and legislations and myths and misconceptions. The aim is to increase consciousness among the general populace on rights and potentials of girls and young females. GPI intends to respond appropriately to this issue by building interventions around the following components

–      Rights education and awareness

–      Reducing Gender discrimination

–      Mobilising to reduce harmful practices

–      Mobilisation for the domestication of international laws, conventions and resolutions promoting rights of girls and young females

–      Mobilisation for development, review and implementation of favourable national policies and legislations advancing the rights of girls and young females

–      Breaking the silence on issues affecting girls and young females

–      Mainstreaming Gender into all development processes – budgeting, provision of basic facilities etc