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Call for Tender



General presentation of the project
Title:    Don’t Pay with Your Life – Protecting young girls from Edo State from THB
Presentation of GPI
Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI) is a registered not for profit, youth development organization founded in 1993 to intervene in the socialization of girls for the realization of a society where women are visible and valued actors. Children and young women are the primary beneficiaries of GPI programs while adult males and other stakeholders are secondary beneficiaries as they are targeted mostly within the context of influencing them to become supportive of child protection and gender equality initiatives.

GPI with centres in Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Edo, Delta, Bayelsa States and a Liaison Office in FCT, has become a reference point and leading organization in: Comprehensive Sexuality Education and capacity building; advocacy for policy change on issues affecting girls and women; community based integrated interventions to address children on the move, human trafficking, violence against girls and women, HIV/AIDS, and other adolescent health issues, counseling, referrals and provision of services for children and young women; research and documentation to advance their cause.

Context of the call
Facing the growing number of very young victims of trafficking from Nigeria to Europe where they are exploited in prostitution,  “Don’t pay with you life!” program, aims at ending trafficking in human beings (SDG 16), and more specifically protecting girls and young women from Edo State in Nigeria from THB.

Coordinated by ECPAT France, the program is developed by an alliance of operational partners (GPI, JDPCI and IFRA). It is expected to be co-financed by the French Development Agency (AFD).

From the information collected by NGOs working in the field with Nigerian girls and women, women’s groups involved in trafficking are using Facebook to give a positive image of migration in Europe. They show themselves with nice clothes and accessories and include comments to make the readers think that they make a lot of money and have a happy and “rich” life in Europe.

In order to correct these false messages spread through Facebook, ECPAT France has created a Facebook page to disseminate information, articles and videos on the real situation of the girls who migrate. The Facebook page created especially for the campaign will target girls aged 13 to 25 years in Edo State who are the primary population that will benefit from the campaign.

This call is to identify and contract a provider who would write scripts, create short drama/videos for radio, television and facebook presentations regarding the situation of children and women coming from Nigeria to support the media campaign in order to prevent the risk of children and women who want to leave Nigeria being caught in human trafficking networks.

The dramas/videos will also be used during the awareness campaigns implemented by GPI in Edo State.

Target audience :

– Girls between 13 to 25 living in Edo State

Deliverables :

– 4 videos of 8 episodes each with duration ranking from 10 seconds to 3 mn, with a total of 30 mns maximum

-32 “fixed contents” for FB publications such as screen shorts with teasers and banners…. (1 per episode)

The mission must be conducted between November  and December 15th 2019 , date of delivery of the videos.

During this period, it is expected :

–          Attendance to ½ day briefing on messages / potential situations in Benin City

–          Conception of scenario(s)/scripts, including taking into account feedbacks from GPI

–          Production of 4 scripts for radio, facebook and television

–          Elaboration of the dissemination plan (including fixed contents)

Overall indicative amount:

N1,950,000.00 in total maximum.

Criterai of selection
To be considered, the applicant must prove :

·       at least 2 years of existence

·       Ability to deliver before the December 15th

·       Ability to use original music not copyright

The selection will be upon the following criteria:

·       Previous experiences of videos and scenarios (can call for writers for the scripts) in English

·       Previous experience in shooting clear videos for medias such as FB

·       Ability to carry record in different format (radio, facebook, television)

·       Financial offer

How to apply and the procedures to follow
Concept note content:

To apply for this call, the applicants need to:

– Provide a technical offer of 5 pages (in Times New Roman font 12 – excluding the cover page and budget) written in English following the attached format

– Provide a detailed budget.

items to attach:

– Registration Certificate /Proof of legal existence

– Evidence of similar deliverables executed in the last two years

When and how to Application:

Application  should be sent by email before Midnight of 25th of September, 2019  (Nigerian time) to  and expressly mentioning: “2019 creation of videos to prevent trafficking” in the Subject line

Please note that only completed applications will be considered. Further clarification may be sought by email to  before September 20th, 2019.

If required, Girls’ Power Initiative may request clarifications on the proposal from the candidate.



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