Ese Amadasun

February 8, 2018

4 Levels of Influence

The GPI programme strategies and activities are directed at the 4 spheres of stages of influence on girls namely; INDIVIDUAL LEVEL (empowering the girls as social […]
February 8, 2018

Our Focus

GPI’s focus is to assist young girls live healthy lives and achieve their full potentials, towards an empowered womanhood. It also includes assisting young girls to […]
November 4, 2017

Be agent of change, GPI Asaba charges GPI graduates

The co-ordinator of Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI), Asaba, Ehita Ikoghode-Aikpitanyi has charged GPI girls to be an agent of change in the society. Ehita make this […]
October 20, 2017

18th October 2017- EU Anti-trafficking Day: 10 associations working against Trafficking in Human Beings

Every place where there is a violation of rights is the “South of the World”. Especially the rights of women and young girls, not yet adults. […]