4 Levels of Influence

Cross section of students during the events

The GPI programme strategies and activities are directed at the 4 spheres of stages of influence on girls namely; INDIVIDUAL LEVEL (empowering the girls as social change agents through increasing their self-esteem, knowledge, skills and self efficiency), SOCIAL NETWORK LEVEL (at the level of their parents, other family members and peers to strengthen positive relationships among girls and immediate social relations to provide the necessary support for their actions), COMMUNITY LEVEL (aimed at creating  new and broader enabling environment and opportunities for girls’ action in challenging patriarchal values and discriminatory practices and beliefs that put girls at risk and to create awareness about the dynamism of culture to facilitate positive social changes towards gender justice) and INSTITUTIONAL LEVEL (focusing on social changes through activities and advocacy for policy changes that impact systematic practices and norms that affect girls and their communities). GPI has been in the vanguard of improved status and living standard and quality of life of young females and women generally and through its efforts had drawn and changed attitude towards the plight of women and girls generally.

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