Call for Concept Notes to create Videos to Prevent Trafficking of Children and Women in Nigeria

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Call for Concept Notes to create Videos to Prevent Trafficking of Children and Women in Nigeria




Co-funded by the European Union

Facing the growing number of very young victims of trafficking from Nigeria crossing Libya to arrive in Europe where they are exploited in prostitution, PACKING project aims to eradicate human rights violations against migrants and asylum seekers, in particular children and women coming from Nigeria who are victims or at risk of being victims of human trafficking.

From the information collected by NGOs working in the field with Nigerian girls and women, women’s groups involved in trafficking are using Facebook to give a positive image of migration in Europe. They show themselves with nice clothes and accessories and include comments to make the readers think that they make a lot of money and have a happy and “rich” life in Europe.

In order to correct these false messages spread through Facebook, ECPAT France will create a Facebook page to disseminate information, articles and videos on the real situation of the girls who migrate. The Facebook page created especially for the campaign will target girls aged 13 to 25 years in Edo State who are the primary population that will benefit from the campaign.

Objectives and results to be achieved by the third party/ies

This call is to identify and contract a third party(ies) who would create scenarios and short videos regarding the situation of children and women coming from Nigeria to support the Facebook campaignin order to prevent the risk of children and women who want to leave Nigeria being caught in human trafficking networks.

The videos will also be reused during the awareness campaigns implemented by GPI in Edo State.

Duration: February 2018 to April 2018

Location: Edo State

Overall indicative amount: 10 000 euros in total maximum. Can be divided between several third parties.

Grant requested: Minimum: 5 000 euros. Maximum : 10 000 euros

NB: no administrative cost allowed.

Implementation of the activities

These activities will be done under the supervision of Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI) who is linked by a Partnership Agreement with ECPAT France and the European Union.
A special contract will be signed between GPI and the awarded applicants.

How to apply and the procedures to follow

Click on the links below to to download the full guidelines and application form.

Application written in English should be sent by email before Midnight of 15th January 2018 (Nigerian time)Please note that only complete applications can be considered.

Call for concept note guideline  Application form




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  1. Victor Peter
    Victor Peter
    4 weeks ago

    Girl trafficking in Edo is beyond poverty, but cultural. Every home in Edo wants a girl in Europe.

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