Vision & Mission

To empower children and young females with accurate information and skills from a gender perspective for self-reliance and social action
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Our Philosophy

GPI recognizes the right of children especially girls to sur¬vival, effective protection, development and participation.
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Our Aims

To promote the rights of children especially girls and mobilize them for development and participation through Research, Education, and Action oriented programmes directed towards their empowerment.
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Our Programme Strategies & Activities

The GPI programme strategies and activities are directed at the 4 spheres of stages of influence on girls namely; INDIVIDUAL LEVEL (empowering the girls as social change agents through increasing their self-esteem, knowledge, skills and self efficiency), SOCIAL NETWORK LEVEL (at the level of their parents, other family members and peers to strengthen positive relationships among girls and immediate social relations to provide the necessary support for their actions), COMMUNITY LEVEL (aimed at creating  new and broader enabling environment and opportunities for girls’ action in challenging patriarchal values and discriminatory practices and beliefs that put girls at risk and to create awareness about the dynamism of culture to facilitate positive social changes towards gender justice) and INSTITUTIONAL LEVEL (focusing on social changes through activities and advocacy for policy changes that impact systematic practices and norms that affect girls and their communities).

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GPI currently provide services to over 3,000 vulnerable children from different communities. These children need your help to have access to education, nutrition, vocational skills, health, etc



Call for Concept Notes to create Videos to Prevent Trafficking of Children and Women in Nigeria

      Co-funded by the European Union Facing the growing number of very young victims of trafficking from Nigeria crossing Libya to arrive in Europe where they are exploited in prostitution, PACKING project aims to

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Every place where there is a violation of rights is the “South of the World”. Especially the rights of women and young
Graduates from L-R: Eboigbe Irene, Magbowe Vera, Airouyuwa Happy and Okpako Queen

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It was an interesting and enlightening session in Evbareke Junior Secondary School outreach sexuality education

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